deVega's Independent Affiliate Program

Welcome to deVega CBD Store’s highly rewarding affiliate program, designed to empower individuals to thrive and succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. With our program, you have the potential to earn substantial commissions and build a thriving network of affiliates through our multi-level marketing (MLM) structure.

Basic & Premium Affiliate

As a basic affiliate, you kickstart your journey with an impressive 5% commission on each sale you refer. This means that for every successful purchase made using your unique referral link, you’ll earn a generous 5% of the total sale value. But that’s just the beginning!

We believe in recognizing and celebrating your achievements, which is why we have a significant milestone in place – the Premium Affiliate status. Once your total sales reach $2,000, you ascend to the esteemed position of a Premium Affiliate, unlocking even greater earning potential. Your commission rate gets a substantial boost, increasing to an attractive 10% on all future sales. Reaching Premium Affiliate status is an exciting accomplishment that brings you closer to financial independence and success in the affiliate marketing realm.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

But wait, there’s more! Our affiliate program isn’t just about individual success – it’s about fostering a supportive community where everyone can benefit from each other’s efforts. This is where our Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program comes into play. 

As an affiliate, you have the fantastic opportunity to recruit others into the program and build your own team of affiliates, known as your downline.

For every affiliate you personally recruit, you’ll earn a remarkable 2.5% commission from their sales. This means that as you inspire and bring in more like-minded individuals to join deVega’s affiliate program, your earning potential continues to grow. 

And it doesn’t end there! We take the power of teamwork to the next level with our multi-level commission structure. When one of your recruits brings in new affiliates (level 2), you’ll receive an impressive 1.5% commission from their sales as well. 

But it doesn’t stop at level 2 – the benefits continue. If the level 2 affiliates bring in their own recruits (level 3), you’ll receive a 1% commission from those sales.

This multi-tiered approach ensures that you’re rewarded not only for your personal sales but also for the efforts of your downline as they expand their own teams. 

By nurturing and supporting your network, you create a positive and thriving community that drives success for everyone involved.

Affiliate Commissions

If one of your sub-affiliates gets Premium Rank, your commission from him will be doubled:

Level 1 sales = 5% | Level 2 sales = 3% | Level 3 sales = 2%

* The commission will only increase for sales that occurred by the Premium Ranked sub-affiliate. Not for all sub-sales.

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